April 19, 2023

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💼 Weekly Jobs Recap

Top NEW jobs on Openly

  1. Manager, Brand Media @ Whoop ➡️ View Here

  2. Director, Social Media Strategy @ Professional Fighters League ➡️ View Here

  3. Art Director @ Memphis Grizzlies ➡️ View Here

  4. Software Engineer, Esports @ Riot Games ➡️ View Here

  5. Director, Events @ Madison Square Garden ➡️ View Here

Check out all of our new job postings from Charlotte Hornets, Drone Racing League, Washington Nationals, Momentum and more on our job board.

Most Viewed Jobs on Openly

  1. Director, Supporter Community & Fandom @ LA Clippers ➡️ View Here

  2. Director, Global Partnerships @ Boston Red Sox ➡️ View Here

  3. Senior Director, Ticketing & Partnerships @ Big 12 ➡️ View Here

  4. Event Manager @ San Antonio Spurs ➡️ View Here

  5. Senior Manager, Social Media @ LIDS ➡️ View Here

Top Categories on Openly

  1. Marketing & Sales - View Here

  2. Business Operations - View Here

  3. Design - View Here

  4. Data & Analytics - View Here

  5. Software Engineering - View Here

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🏊‍♀️ Career Path Primer: Events

This week we’re changing things up from our usual Organization Profile to talk more about a specific career path in sports.

With a sudden influx of jobs with an “Events” title on our job board, we’re going to give a quick explanation on what it means to work in the events side of the business.

Working in events in sports can mean a variety of things, depending on the specific role you are in. Some common tasks include:

  • Planning and organizing in-venue events: This includes everything from booking vendors and marketing the event.

  • Managing event logistics: This includes things like coordinating transportation, security, and catering.

  • Ensuring the safety and security of event attendees: This is a top priority for any event organizer. Many events roles are heavy in guest management.

  • Creating a positive and memorable experience for event attendees: This is what it's all about really! In sports, you get to use an event to create a positive associate with your team or sponsor by putting on a great event for your guests.

Featured Events Job: Event Manager @ San Antonio Spurs ➡️ View Here

Interested in learning more about a specific career path? Hit us up at [email protected]. Or better yet, contact us to tell us more about your career path and we’ll feature you here.

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