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We recently broke the 200 mark for our talent collective on Pallet!!

Thanks to your patience while we were gone on vacations recently and still navigating some new tech with Pallet.

Let’s get to it with this week’s top positions! We have more exciting news to come in the next few weeks.

💼 Weekly Jobs Recap

Top NEW jobs on Openly

  1. Director, Creative Technology @ MLB ➡️ View Here

  2. Senior Software Engineer @ ESPN ➡️ View Here

  3. Content Specialist @ Whoop ➡️ View Here

  4. Community Relations Manager @ Houston Astros ➡️ View Here

  5. Data Scientist @ BSE Global ➡️ View Here

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Most Viewed Jobs on Openly

  1. Product Marketing Manager @ Whoop ➡️ View Here

  2. Creative Strategist @ OKC Thunder ➡️ View Here

  3. Senior Analyst, Fantasy Product @ DraftKings ➡️ View Here

  4. Manager, Digital Community Marketing @ 2K ➡️ View Here

  5. Head of Operations @ Skillz ➡️ View Here

Top Categories on Openly

  1. Marketing & Sales - View Here

  2. Business Operations - View Here

  3. Data & Analytics - View Here

  4. Creative - View Here

  5. Software Engineering - View Here

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All NEW jobs on Openly

Manager, Web Design @ NASCAR ➡️ View Here

Sr Technology Services Analyst @ MLB ➡️ View Here

Sr Director, International Growth @ NFL ➡️ View Here

Digital Communications Coordinator @ Colorado Rockies ➡️ View Here

Project Coordinator, Marketing @ New Orleans Saints ➡️ View Here

CRM Analyst @ Sacramento Kings ➡️ View Here

Manager, Membership Experience @ Phoenix Suns ➡️ View Here

Software Engineer @ NBA ➡️ View Here

Copywriter @ OKC Thunder ➡️ View Here

Digital Product Designer @ BSE Global ➡️ View Here

Manager, Digital Content @ IMSA ➡️ View Here

Manager, Marketing @ Boston Celtics ➡️ View Here

Senior Product Manager, Data Science @ DraftKings ➡️ View Here

Senior Software Engineer @ Activision Blizzard ➡️ View Here

Crewing Coordinator @ FloSports ➡️ View Here

Manager, Digital Community Marketing @ 2K ➡️ View Here

Graphic Designer @ OKC Thunder ➡️ View Here