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You might have noticed we started posting salary into our job descriptions when it’s available. Unfortunately, this practice still isn’t common in the sports industry, but when it’s public you’ll find it next to the job listing on our Pallet board.

For example, this job from DraftKings lists a salary range of $120,000-$180,000 on our homepage.

Let’s get to it with this week’s top positions! We have more exciting news to come in the next few weeks.

💼 Weekly Jobs Recap

Top NEW jobs on Openly

  1. Senior Manager, Data Scientis @ 2K ➡️ View Here

  2. Creative Director @ Indiana Pacers ➡️ View Here

  3. Head of Growth Marketing @ FloSports ➡️ View Here

  4. Social Content Creator @ Hendrick Motorsports ➡️ View Here

  5. Digital Products & Data Specialist @ Houston Rockets ➡️ View Here

⬇️ Scroll to the bottom to see all of our new job postings from the Golden State Warriors, DraftKings, LA Rams and more or click over to our job board.

Most Viewed Jobs on Openly

  1. Sr. Technology Services Analyst @ MLB ➡️ View Here

  2. Marketing Analytics Specialist @ Miami Heat ➡️ View Here

  3. Data Analyst @ Tennessee Titans ➡️ View Here

  4. Product Manager @ FloSports ➡️ View Here

  5. Motion Graphics & Video Editor @ Whoop ➡️ View Here

Top Categories on Openly

  1. Marketing & Sales - View Here

  2. Business Operations - View Here

  3. Data & Analytics - View Here

  4. Creative - View Here

  5. Software Engineering - View Here

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All NEW jobs on Openly

Specialist, Internal Communications @ Golden State Warriors ➡️ View Here

Manager, Content & Videographer @ Miami Heat ➡️ View Here

Manager, Risk Analytics @ DraftKings ➡️ View Here

Coordinator, Integrated Marketing @ LA Rams ➡️ View Here

Producer @ NFL ➡️ View Here

Director, Global Marketing Strategy @ 2K ➡️ View Here

Data Engineer @ Whoop ➡️ View Here

Senior Analyst, Strategy @ MLB ➡️ View Here

Senior Product Manager @ Skillz ➡️ View Here

CRM Coordinator @ LA Rams ➡️ View Here

Media Planner @ Minnesota T’Wolves ➡️ View Here

Coordinator, Digital Partnerships @ Chicago Bulls ➡️ View Here

Director, Digital Marketing @ Atlanta Hawks ➡️ View Here