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💼 Weekly Jobs Recap

Top NEW jobs on Openly

  1. Senior Project Manager @ Augusta National ➡️ View Here

  2. Social Producer @ Sacramento Kings ➡️ View Here

  3. Consumer Insights Analyst @ New Orleans Pelicans ➡️ View Here

  4. Director, Event Operations @ NFL ➡️ View Here

  5. Senior Manager, Player Marketing @ USTA ➡️ View Here

⬇️ Scroll to the bottom to see all of our new job postings from the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, WHOOP, Seattle Seahawks and more or click over to our job board.

Biggest Salaries on Openly 💰💰💰

  1. $300K Product Management Role @ Skillz ➡️ View Here

  2. $290K User Research @ 2K ➡️ View Here

  3. $275K Product Management Role @ MLB ➡️ View Here

  4. $261K Creative Director @ 2K ➡️ View Here

  5. $260K Data Scientist @ ESPN ➡️ View Here

Most Viewed Jobs on Openly

  1. Signal Processing Engineer @ WHOOP ➡️ View Here

  2. Social Media Lead @ Sport Buff ➡️ View Here

  3. Head of Communications @ Skillz ➡️ View Here

  4. Manager, Media Partnerships @ NBA ➡️ View Here

  5. Manager, Match Business @ MLS ➡️ View Here

Top Categories on Openly

  1. Marketing & Sales - View Here

  2. Business Operations - View Here

  3. Data & Analytics - View Here

  4. Creative - View Here

  5. Engineering - View Here

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All NEW jobs on Openly

Senior Software Engineer @ Blizzard Entertainment ➡️ View Here

Senior Rendering Engineer @ Dapper Labs ➡️ View Here

Business Intelligence Strategist @ Denver Broncos ➡️ View Here

Manager, Analytics @ DraftKings ➡️ View Here

Senior Copywriter @ DraftKings ➡️ View Here

Manager, Content Planning @ ESPN ➡️ View Here

Senior Designer @ ESPN ➡️ View Here

Senior Project Manager @ Fanatics ➡️ View Here

Head of Brand Marketing @ FloSports ➡️ View Here

CRM Administrator @ Sacramento Kings ➡️ View Here

Manager, Integrated Communications @ LA Lakers ➡️ View Here

Broadcast Engineer @ MLB ➡️ View Here

Director, Marketing & Promotions @ MLS ➡️ View Here

Coordinator, Scouting & Player Dev @ San Diego Padres ➡️ View Here

Director, Charitable Giving @ New Orleans Pelicans ➡️ View Here

Engineering Manager, App Cloud @ Peloton ➡️ View Here

Data Engineer @ Red Bull ➡️ View Here

Communications Manager @ SailGP ➡️ View Here

Systems Administrator @ Seattle Seahawks ➡️ View Here

Vertical Video Specialist @ Tampa Bay Buccaneers ➡️ View Here

Coordinator, Community Outreach @ USTA ➡️ View Here

Product Manager @ WHOOP ➡️ View Here